How to install clip in hair extensions on short hair?

Pixie and bob cuts were the in thing last season but now everyone is back to the lob and summery boho chic. Don’t let your current length hold you back.

Clip in extensions are a great way to stay on trend and quickly get the length you desire. As long as you have at least 3 inches of hair, you are the perfect candidate.

If you have short hair and want to switch it up in an instant, follow these 5 simple steps to get longer hair in a click.

how to install clip in extensions on short hair

Choose your hair

Finding the best quality extensions doesn’t have to be a chore. At Canada Hair, we sell on the finest remy human hair extensions and also have a no fuss returns policy so you can feel safe with us.

We have several guides on hair extensions including how to choose the right shade, so that you get the perfect blend.

Gather your tools

Installing clip ins is super easy but there are a few things you will need, don’t worry as they will all be items you have already.

You will need: Hair bands, clips, a rat tail comb and hairspray. You may want some heated tools such as straighteners or curling wand depending on your final style.

Select your parting

Making sure all the clips are hidden and there is a seamless blend will help make your extensions look as natural as possible.

The placement of each clip in, especially around the front of the hair is very important. If they are not distributed evenly there will be gaps and areas that will look thin or thick compared to others.

Choosing where you will part your hair, helps to decide where to place each clip and keep balance in mind. If you have a middle parting, the distribution will be even. If you wear a side parting it is important to make sure the side with the part has a little more clip in hair so the it can make up for less of your natural hair.

On the side with more hair, you want to use slightly less clip in extensions, only maybe by one or two rows. This will help with the balance of the style and make sure one side isn’t massively thicker than the other.

Clip in

Once you have decided where to place the clips, they only take seconds to actually put in. Always use a comb to make the parting for each section as this will avoid tangles and knots when you take them out.

Style and go

You can wear the extensions as is, but as the are human hair you can also style them with heat to make them straight or curly. You could even braid or wear them in a ponytail.

There really is no limit on how you can wear our clip in extensions even if your natural hair is short.

At Canada Hair, we pride ourselves on having the best quality clip in extensions and hope you will think so to. For any questions or further information follow us on social media or send us an email here


How to install clip in hair extensions on short hair?
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