Wigs: the do’s and don’ts

Wigs used to be a taboo subject and strictly for the super rich or those suffering hair loss, nowadays every woman should have a least one wig in her closet and not for Halloween or fancy dress. There are still a lot of myths and fallacies around wigs which stop people from exploring this great creation. In this blog you will find out a little more about wigs and how to wear them with pride.

Broadly speaking, there are 3 main Types of wigs

  • Full wig – these cover the entire head and usually come pre styled. They are available in synthetic or human hair. The range of textures, colours and styles are infinite. The prices range dramatically as you can buy premade wigs or have the fully customized to suit your head and requirements. Without any exaggerations, the price range vary between $10 to 50,000$! Really, it all depends on the hair quality, hair texture, hair style, and whether the wig was customized or not. If you wish to buy wigs in Canada, we are frequently referred to as the best place to buy wigs in Canada!
  • Lace wigs are a step up from full wigs. The lace refers to the material the hair is attached to. These wigs are the most versatile and have a natural hairline so you can wear the wigs in any way and have partings wherever you like.
  • U-part wigs, require you to leave a little bit of your own hair hair out around the hairline and parting. These wigs allow for a really natural look as your hair is used to blend. By using you own hair, it does limit the range of colours and textures as you want to to match your hair a closely as possible.

We have a few do’s and don’t to help you choose the perfect wig for you.


  1. Try different styles! If you buy synthetic wigs, this is easy to do since they are affordable
  2. Choose the right size, make sure it is not to tight or too loose. The first will cause damage and the second embarrassment! Thankfully, CanadaHair.ca’s wigs are one-size and can easily be adjusted to perfectly fit you.
  3. Buy cheap first. We cannot stress how important this is. Take our words for it, we are a wig shop telling you to spend as little as possible when buying your first wig! The logic behind this is that you can’t know if wearing a wig will suit your lifestyle if you never had one before. Aim to spend under $200 on your first wig. If you feel great wearing wigs, then you can increase your budget to buy a better wig.
  4. Make it secure, decide if you will use an elastic band, combs clips or hair glue to keep it from moving.
  5. Take loads of pictures, get comfortable and enjoy playing dress up with your new hair.
  6. Buy wigs from a reliable wig store, such as Canada Hair. Click here to read our essential shopping tips for wig buyers!


  1. Use wrong glue/ tight bands. Make sure it is secure but not damaging your hairline or skin
  2. Heat on synthetic hair, it WILL melt!
  3. Neglect natural hair. Always keep it tangle free, clean and dry
  4. Be scared, everyone is wearing them you just can’t tell.

At Canada Hair, we sell premium quality wigs in a range of styles, now that you are armed with all the knowledge you need, head to our shop at CanadaHair.ca to select your first or next wig.


Wigs: the do’s and don’ts
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This article was written by Olivia. After working as a celebrity hairdresser for several years, she joined CanadaHair.ca as the editor-in-chief. In her free time, Olivia loves fitness, dancing and traveling.

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