Best hair extensions for thinning hair

Thinning hair is a common problem that many girls will unfortunately have. In short, your hair is losing its density and it’s getting finer with each hair growth cycle. Not all of us were blessed with long and thick locks. This is precisely why our hair extension company is loved by thousands of Canadians: we have a solution to short and thin hair! That solution is to wear hair extensions. The use of hair extensions is the best method to go from short and boring hair to long and beautiful hair.

Best hair extensions for thinning hair

You may be wondering which hair extensions are the best for thinning hair. Before we proceed in explaining, there are a few things you need to know.

First of all, if you suffer from serious hair loss issues, hair extensions may not be suitable for you. Take our words for it: we are a hair extension store. It’s to our advantage if you’d buy hair extensions from us. On the other hand, we won’t be happy if you aren’t happy with your purchase. Therefore, it is important for you to be sure that hair extensions are a viable solution for your thinning hair problem. Feel free to contact us with a picture of your hair so that together, we can determine if hair extensions can be used in your situation. Most serious hair loss issues can easily be covered with the use of a wig. A wig is great if you have serious hair loss issues or if your hair is shorter than the recommended length to wear extensions (shorter than 3 inches).

Secondly, keep in mind that there are no miracle solutions to thinning hair. Some companies may offer you “magic pills”, but they will not work. Those claims are rubbish. Stay away from companies making false promises or claims that sound too good to be true. CBC Marketplace did a great job exposing these shady companies.

Thirdly, there are products for thinning hair that can help. For instance, Nioxin hair care products are notoriously known as a remedy to thinning hair. You may consider the use of products for thinning hair before resorting to hair extensions. Nonetheless, the use of hair care products will not give the same result than the use of hair extensions.

With this being said, you now may be wondering which hair extensions to thicken hair are the best? What are the best hair extensions for thin hair? Where to buy hair extensions for thinning hair?

Best hair extensions for thinning hair

The best hair extensions for thin hair are tape in hair extensions.

Tape in hair extensions are simply the best for thinning hair because they are lightweight, invisible to the naked eye, and comfortable to wear.


There are many other hair extensions methods out there that may be suitable for you, but tape in extensions are by far the best extensions for thinning hair.

Tape in extensions come in 20 hair wefts. The price per pack of hair extension will depend on the desired length, quality, and color. Generally speaking, you’d need 3 to 5 packs of tape in extensions for a full head.

Each hair weft has a clear, double-sided tape at the end of each hair weft. These wefts are used to be taped to your scalp. This hair extension method has been inspired by the Lace Front Wig method because it completely conceals your thinning hair issue in a natural and discrete way. You can also try many new hairstyles because you have more hair to work with. For instance, you can do partial and full updos without any fear of letting people know that you are wearing hair extensions. Tape in extensions can be used for a full head or partial head install.

The installation process of tape in extensions is pretty straightforward. You part your hair, peel the tape that is pre-installed on the hair weft, and “sandwiching” your natural locks between 2 tape in wefts.

There are a few pros and cons in regards to tape in extensions.

Pros: they are comfortable, reusable, invisible to the naked eye, best extensions for thin hair, will not damage your natural hair nor will it affect your natural hair growth, and they are easy to install.

Cons: tape in extensions can fall if not installed correctly, they are the most expensive type of extensions, requires lot of maintenance, doesn’t last very long when compared to other hair extensions methods (6 weeks to 12 weeks at best), and can cause irritation if the application process wasn’t done correctly.

You can buy human hair tape in extensions on our website. Our hair extension company is a pioneer in the development of tape in extensions. Contrary to other hair extensions store, we don’t deal with any middleman. As a result, all cost savings are passed on to you so that you can get access to affordable premium quality hair extensions.

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Best hair extensions for thinning hair
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