Hair Weaves and their Ideal Uses

Women particularly actresses, models, and socialites prefer hair weaves when they wish to get longer and fuller hair instantly. Hair weaves, also known as skin weft hair extension or sew-in hair extensions, are a form of seamless hair extensions used generally by black people. However, keep in mind that recently, hair weaves became popular for everybody including Caucasian women. It is ideal for women with thick or coarse tresses. You can wear it 24/7 and it is  acknowledged as the cheapest hair extensions method in the market. This is also one of the first hair extensions to be introduced in the market. If you have thin or fine hair, we don’t recommend sew-in hair extensions. Instead, go with tape in hair extensions because they are the best extensions for thin hair.

Types of Weaves

Weaves come from human hair or synthetic hair. The artificial type is less costly compared to the real human hair. However, synthetics are not advisable for full hair weaves. It does not move about or bounce naturally. It is more suitable for the clip-in version worn for a shorter period. If you wish to wear sew-in hair extensions, always ensure to buy human hair extensions.

There are many differences between human hair and synthetic hair. Human hair looks more real and you can style the extensions with hot tools without any difficulties. On the other hand, synthetic hair is considerably more affordable than human hair extensions, but you cannot style or dye them.

Hair Weaves

Is it for you?

Sew-in hair extensions has become a mainstream option. It has gained popularity in hair salons all over North America. However, you must assess carefully the upsides as well as downsides before considering hair weaves. The method seems an effective remedy for dull hair but you need to bear the pain in getting those soft and shiny curls. Hairdressers braid the tresses along your scalp and sew the tracks into the braids. It is a complex process that takes time. Not all hair stylists perform this type of extension. It is not usually recommended for women who have never used extensions in the past.

Instant Transformation

Females look forward to hair extensions as the best way of a makeover. Hair weaves belong to that permanent category which is economical and does not damage your tresses. The hair weave installation normally costs between $60 and $100 but does not include the hair extensions’ price which varies based on color and length. Hair weaves usually last from one until three months depending on the quality of the extensions, installation, and the user’s care.


Benefits of Hair Weaves


Hair weaves require minimal maintenance. You don’t need to spend the entire day to style your locks. Weaves are also more appropriate for the tropical outdoors. You don’t have to worry about your curls regressing due to extreme heat and humidity.

Protect Natural Hair

Ladies can expect hair weaves to protect coarse natural hair. Hair maintenance can be laborious. You apply shampoo and conditioner; blow-dry; and, straighten your tresses. Besides, the heat from dryers, hot rollers, and curling irons can damage hair to a great extent. If your hair is beneath braided locks, real hair remains safe from the scorching heat. The extension absorbs wear and tear day after day. With extensions, you also address that problem of growing your tresses to the preferred length.

Multiple Possibilities

Hair weaves provide women with a lot of options in experimenting with your curls. You can have a particular style that looks good without getting a trim. Try these waves and get some gorgeous highlights like blonde, brown, and red. It is possible to dye the weave using any shade you wish, just always be careful to choose a professional hair colorist who possesses strong expertise in dyeing human hair extensions.

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With this style, you can look forward to length and volume right away. At the same time, you enjoy lower upkeep because it is twisted the way you want it styled or colored. You can also try several textures. Ladies with straight tresses can sport wavy weaves while curly-haired females can go for straight weaves. Thus, hair weaves take into consideration consistency, volume, and length. It is necessary to wash the weave extension often. Careful handling is crucial, regular shampooing and use of moisturizer is mandatory.

Nowadays, weaves are for everyone and not just for pop idols or wealthy individuals. In the past, wigs and hair extensions were always kept a secret. This is no longer the case for modern generation females. Women experiment with all kinds of hair additions. Hair weaves bring more variety to a woman’s repertoire of styles.


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Hair Weaves and their Ideal Uses
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