How to Prepare Well for Prom Night: Tips for Ladies [UPDATED 2018]

In high school, Prom Night is one of the most memorable events especially for the girls (ladies)! It’s just right to put a lot of time and efforts for preparations. Plan ahead and create a budget in advance for the following:

  • Dress & Shoes
  • Jewelry & Accessories
  • Hairstyle
  • Nails
  • Dinner
  • Transportation (Limousine)
  • Corsage
  • Photographer

How to Prepare Well for Prom Night

Begin with your Apparel

Choosing your prom wardrobe is both thrilling and nerve-racking. There are many choices that can leave you confused. Your primary sources include fashion websites and magazines. The dress must fit into your style or vogue. It could be something modern, trend-setting, classic, elegant, or romantic.

On top of these, your attire must make you feel majestic and pretty. If you are on a budget, find some online prom shops that offer discounts. Buy the dress in advance for possible alterations. Or, try some consignment and vintage outlets for the traditional look. These stores offer awesome deals. For fashionable clothes, check out designer rentals where you can rent for a small portion of the usual retail price.

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Jewelry and Accessories

Now that you have your outfit ready proceed to the next step. Look for matching jewelry pieces and accessories. Costume jewelry shops sell ornaments at low prices. Try to craft your own if you cannot get hold of bracelets, rings, earrings, and other trinkets. The jewels need not be too expensive provided these match with your wardrobe and shoes. You might as well pick a shawl for the shoulders if the prom is held in early spring.

Choose the Appropriate Shoes

Shoes should match your garb even if the heel color is not exactly the same. Black or neutral heels look perfect with any dress color. Wear your shoes before the big night. Walk around inside and outside your home to graze the soles slightly. You will feel more comfortable. Besides, it is less likely that you will lose your footing while walking around or dancing during prom night. Bring flat shoes as backup in case you are not used to wearing high heels for a long period.

Hair Style

Most girls go to the salon although some choose to fix their own tresses. Some of the styles that provide a dazzling look are braided plaits, classic French Chignon, or romantic loose waves or curls. Keep in mind that hairstyle is crucial since it can make or break your evening. This is where hair extensions become very useful. Since you have more hair to work with, you can try new hairstyles. The best hair extensions for a high school prom are clip in extensions because you can wear/remove them in a few minutes only. Clip in extensions are safe, discrete, natural looking, and will dramatically change your look by instantly giving you longer, thicker, and more luxurious hair!


Set up a Prom Group

Work together with your girlfriends regarding the time, transportation, and restaurant. This can turn out to be laborious so create a Facebook group instead for faster and easier coordination. You can communicate any time of day with your pals for any changes in time and arrangements. Avoid the rush! Schedule all activities one month ahead. These include reservations for the limo; getting your nails and hair done; makeup appointments; making reservations for dinner; and, hiring videographers and photographers.

Create your Group Plan

You should have a group plan prior to and right after the prom night. All members of the group must remain on the same page. There should be a place for limousine pickup so everyone is present and on time. Seek your parents’ advice if necessary. Make the necessary coordination with your date. Discuss your outfits, corsage and boutonniere (for the men), and styling. This approach will prevent a mismatch particularly for photo sessions.

Involving your parents will cause more good than harm. Do not get embarrassed by parents wanting to take photos of you during that momentous day. Your parents have a vital role to play in planning so everything goes smoothly during the actual event. See to it you have ample time between your final appointment and meeting up with your prom date or friends. Try your clothes, shoes, and accessories several weeks before to make sure everything is fine. It gives you sufficient time to have your dress modified or pick a new pair of shoes or bag.

Whom to go with?

Make up your mind on who will be with you on prom night. You can go alone, with your date, or your classmates. It’s always fun to go out with a big group of six up to 10 persons. Most likely, you will not find it hard to make reservations for dinner. You can begin planning if you have a complete group. Decide on trivial things such as the person taking care of the photos if you do not have any photographer. Identify the persons who should be included in these photos.

What to do after?

Parties or get together activities can be as exciting as the prom night itself. Of course, everything will depend on your spending budget and the size of the group. You will certainly have numerous options to choose from. It is possible to pool your resources together and rent an inexpensive place nearby where you can have a sleep-over with your close buddies. This is one way of recalling all those wonderful things that happened in the prom.

Other Preparations

Make it a point to pack your bag with all the stuff you need instead of rushing on the day itself. You will definitely end up forgetting something important. Bring the following items:

  • Tickets
  • Lipstick
  • Small bottle of perfume
  • Hairspray and moisturizer,
  • Bobby pins
  • Mobile phone charger
  • Toothbrush and hairbrush
  • Change of clothes
  • Wallet

Before the Big Night

Start your beauty routine a day before the high school prom. Get a full night of sleep to avoid looking weary or tight. Drink plenty of water to remain hydrated. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Perform at least ½ workouts for physical conditioning. Treat yourself to a manicure and pedicure. Remember your goal is to look beautiful for your prom.

How to Prepare Well for Prom Night: Tips for Ladies [UPDATED 2018]
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