Nail Your Prom Look with Beautiful Prom Extensions

Prom is right around the corner, and if it’s your senior year, this is your last chance to dress up and live it up with your closest friends before you branch off on different paths. Prom also represents the time in your high school career when you are celebrating the years past and how far you’ve come. We think the best way to make the most of this well-deserved celebration is with a killer dress and amazing hair. This year, don’t let the comparison game keep you from enjoying the night to the fullest. This is your night and you deserve to look exactly how you want, with beautiful prom extensions.

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What Makes Hair Extensions for Prom So Great?

Something that is seriously lacking amongst young women in this world is the knowledge that no one wakes up with perfectly shiny, thick, and voluminous hair. If you’re wanting to achieve a certain look for your prom, but feel that your natural hair is lacking, you are in luck. Hair extensions for prom come in all types and qualities to help you achieve longer, fuller hair. Whether you’re dreaming of a voluminous down-style blow out, or a romantic up-do, hair extensions will take your look from everyday to the red carpet.

 The Most Popular Prom Hairstyles in 2018

Here’s some hair inspiration if you’re still pondering the perfect look using the best extensions for prom.

  • Loose Bun

Slicked back, sleek up-dos are so early 2000s. For 2018, messy buns and wispy up-dos reflect that perfectly imperfect look that screams effortless style. Besides looking incredibly chic, the loose bun is a great style to show off the fullness of your hair. If your natural hair serves up an underwhelming bun, hair extensions can give you thicker hair and added length.

  • Teased Half-Up Half-Down

This look is another one that plays up the imperfect look. Pop in your hair extensions for prom beneath a horizontal section of hair parted halfway. Give your hair volume using a teasing comb and secure your half-up style with bobby pins. Take the rat tail end of the teasing comb and use it to lift up small sections of hair on top to give your ‘do some volume.

  • Mermaid Braids

Braids aren’t just for Pippy Long Stockings anymore, oh no. The pulled apart braid has taken the streets, runways, and Pinterest by storm, delivering a look that is both casual and romantic. If you don’t want a traditional look for prom, the pulled apart mermaid braid is the perfect alternative. Don’t have thick, long hair? No problem! Beautiful prom extensions will add length and fullness to your natural hair.

  • Stacked Half-Up Buns

The half-up bun is a popular style right now, and stacked buns take this look to the next level. To get this look, you’ll need to section the top half of your hair into three separate ponytails. If you’re using temporary clip-in extensions, you’ll want to pop these in before you create the ponytails. Twist each ponytail into a tight bun and secure it with an elastic. You can keep the buns tightly wrapped, or slightly pull them apart to create a messier look. The extensions will add volume to your hair so that the buns are thicker and the rest of your hair is voluminous.

  • Polished Ponytail

Ponies aren’t just for daytime. You can take this look and make it incredibly chic. Ponytail hair extensions for prom simply slip over your ponytail and make it look thicker and longer. To create a polished pony, pull all of your hair back into a high ponytail. Put the ponytail hair extension over your pony and wrap a piece of hair you left out around the elastic. Spritz a shine spray or run a couple drops of a serum into your hair to create super shiny locks.

Still not sure which look to choose? When in doubt, go with a simple down-style blow out. Full, voluminous hair is always in style, and you can get it with beautiful prom extensions.

How to Choose the Best Extensions for Prom

If you’re looking to supplement your hair only for prom, you want clip-in extensions. These extensions are temporary and clip in and out whenever you want to add length and volume to your hair. When you’re getting ready for prom, pop them in and style your hair as desired. It’s as easy as that!

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Nail Your Prom Look with Beautiful Prom Extensions
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