Achieve Your Dream Wedding Hair with Hair Extensions [UDPATED 2018]

The next step after saying yes to the dress, finding the perfect accessories, and selecting the most beautiful bridal shoes, is choosing your signature wedding day hairstyle. Wedding day hair has evolved over the years, and even from month to month, but one thing that most brides want on their wedding day is longer, voluminous hair.

Wedding hair extensions are incredibly popular for brides of all hair types and lengths and can help you achieve the bridal hair of your dreams (or of your Pinterest dreams). And don’t think that if you want an up-do that hair extensions for weddings aren’t for you. They can add the length and thickness you need to create an up-style that achieves all the twists, wraps, curls, and volume you really want.

Achieve Your Dream Wedding Hair with Hair Extensions

The Most Popular Wedding Hairstyles

According to, the most popular wedding hairstyle on Pinterest is the perfectly imperfect up-do. Soft face-framing curls and an up-style that seems to be effortlessly swept up is incredibly romantic and chic.

Bridal hair extensions add length and volume, and add the substance most average heads need to achieve this romantic style. We’ve all seen celebrities strutting down the red carpet with the most amazing voluminous hair. And then we realize that they had thin medium length hair yesterday. What’s the deal? Hair extensions. Most people, even celebrities, do not naturally have perfectly full, thick, and super long tresses. Hair extensions can help brides achieve their dream wedding hairstyle, that still looks natural.

Other popular wedding styles for the modern bride are:

  • The half up half down
  • Piled high up-dos
  • Natural down styles
  • Low, messy chignons
  • Wrap-around braids
  • Long pulled apart braids

Structured hair styles aren’t the norm anymore, and soft and organic styles take the cake. Hair extensions for wedding hairstyles can be as natural and unassuming as you want. You don’t have to go from shoulder length hair to hair that reaches your middle back. Instead, bridal hair extensions simply provide the oomph that you need to make your dream wedding style a reality.

 Which Hair Extension Should You Choose?

There are different types of wedding hair extensions that come with their own advantages and disadvantages to consider.

If you’re looking for temporary hair extensions just for your wedding day, your best option is clip-in extensions. Clip-ins simply pop in and out, and are hidden underneath your natural hair. You won’t be able to see them and you won’t have to commit to them for more than your wedding day.

Permanent options like micro loop extensions, tape in extensions, and fusion extensions can stay in the hair longer than a day. If you want your longer, fuller hair to last well beyond your wedding, these types of extensions can offer a permanent solution that is applied by professional hairstylists.

The other thing to consider when you are shopping for hair extensions for wedding, is the quality of the extension. Human hair extensions will look the most natural and will behave the best. They will also be able to handle hot styling tools like curling irons and straighteners, which you most likely want to use to achieve your wedding hairstyle.

The best hair extensions for wedding in Canada come from Canada Hair. We source only the highest quality human Remy hair extensions that will give you shiny, healthy looking hair that is longer and thicker. 

How to Take Care of Your Wedding Hair Extensions

If you have permanent extensions, you don’t need to do anything after your wedding reception. If you are wearing clip-in extensions, simply un-clip them when the party is over and you’re in the bridal suite.

For the highest quality wedding hair extensions that will help you achieve your dream wedding hair, Canada Hair is the only choice. Scratch one thing off of your wedding to-do list and receive your bridal hair extensions right at your door.


Achieve Your Dream Wedding Hair with Hair Extensions [UDPATED 2018]
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This article was written by Olivia. After working as a celebrity hairdresser for several years, she joined as the editor-in-chief. In her free time, Olivia loves fitness, dancing and traveling.

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