How should a hairstylist choose a hair extensions supplier?

What should a hairstylist be looking for when choosing a hair extensions supplier?

A professional hairstylist might be wondering on how to choose a superior quality hair extensions supplier and what are the criteria’s to be taken into consideration.

Human hair extensions are an integral part of the life of women. It boosts their confidence level and enhances overall appearance, so making the right choice is crucial as low quality hair can affect your reputation.

Hairstylists constantly scout around the internet for a reliable and authentic human hair supplier.

Countries such as India, China and Malaysia are the current global suppliers of human hair extensions. They are well-equipped with arrays of superior quality human hair.

Therefore, a professional hair stylist should carefully examine and compare the services provided by various stores across the world through googling.

Most of the online as well as physical stores dealing in hair extensions have gained popularity and recognized by the discerning customers.

hair extensions supplier

Oversea Hair Market

China is famed for cosmetic products including human hair extensions. They have in store numerous hair extension markets which offer superior quality products at competitive rates.

However, the hair stylist needs to perform a research with respect to hair stores and hair factories located in and around the country.

There are plenty of companies dealing in hair extensions which have slight variations in the product quality. Majority of them have got different grades on the hair extensions.

Hair extension business strategies

A professional hair stylist should be aware of the fact that there is a marginal difference in the price of a raw human hair and a finished human hair.

A great deal of profit is obtained by the retail hair suppliers whereas the customers would be spending more than 60% of the exact market rate.

As a result, one of the best ways is to implement a strategy by obtaining finished hair wefts or a bunch of natural human hair at wholesale price from the hair extensions market.

However, large scale buyers should be vigilant since there are few companies who combine non-Remy hair with virgin Remy hair with the objective to cut down manufacturing expenses and enhance the sales profits.

The combination of non-Remy hair and virgin Remy hair might lead to knotting and tangling of hair. On the other hand, Natural virgin Remy hair is very convenient to manage and ensures durability.

If the professional hair stylist is scouting around the internet for reliable and authentic Indian Remy Hair, it is highly recommended to consult maximum number of suppliers as much as possible.

They may contact them to discuss their requirements. Later, compare the prices offered by various extensions supplier.


One of the major factors which may influence a hair stylist is the communication skill and confidence level of the supplier about their products.

A professional hair stylist needs to make sure that before placing bulk orders of natural human hair, they should request for a-la-carte samples of products of varying sizes, types, shapes and colors.

As a result, they will be able to gauge the quality of the human hair extensions and the services offered by the extensions suppliers.

There are few suppliers who may ask you for an up-front payment wherein the buyer has to settle the payments and wait until the orders are processed and delivered. A risk element is involved in such circumstances.

It is the responsibility of the hair suppliers to promptly ship the orders to the buyer.

Apart from that, the products delivered should be of high quality blended with top-notch services.

Wholesale buying involves a considerable amount of risk when compared to retail buying. There is absolutely no guarantee that the buyer would receive superior quality extensions thereby losing money.

It is advisable to contact the extension suppliers via online by browsing through the official website of their company.

As a result, the buyer can get acquainted with the product features by going through the customer reviews.

It is also one of the best ways to determine their credibility.

Majority of the extension suppliers offer free services which are clear indicator that they express concern about their clients.They are not reluctant to assist the buyers in choosing top quality products according to their needs and requirements.

The official website of a hair extension wholesale company should have a phone number.

Some of the online wholesale companies are owned and operated by various people who have not gained adequate experience. They simply precede their business with re-selling.

It is better to choose a hair supplier who owns a factory especially if the buyer wishes to purchase extensions right from scratch.

Today most of the firms are depended upon drop shipping services.

Switch over to genuine video reviews about the wholesale company.mIt is more reliable than ordinary text reviews posted by various customers. Most of the videos are uploaded via YouTube and check out the feedback of the customers. However make sure they are not sponsored as they would have been paid for the feature.

Wholesale discount is a major factor which should be taken into consideration for those people who would like to set up a hair business establishment.

Before placing bulk or limited orders, a hair stylist should get familiar with the total length of hair. Ensure that all the cuticles are intact and properly inclined.

Seek maintenance advice from the wholesale company.

Contact the company and confirm if they purchase the hair directly from the donors.

Ask the concerned company for any sorts of import duties as well as taxes.

Reliability is one of the major factors when it comes to supplying of hair extensions by a wholesale company. Is the company reliable enough to match up with the demand? The onus of a wholesaler is to promptly deliver the orders in right quantity.

It is recommended to approach a small hair wholesaler and place bulk orders. The buyer will receive more attention and better customer services when compared to large scale wholesalers.

Placing orders among various hair wholesalers is another good option.

Stability is one of the major factors to be taken into consideration before selecting a wholesaler. It is better to stick to the ones who have been in the field of supplying extensions for many years.

Once an order is placed, it might take considerable amount of time to get processed and delivered to the buyer. In addition, the freight charges will be high. Therefore, it is not advisable to choose wholesale companies who are situated abroad.

In case of emergencies, a hair stylist should take note of the freight policies of the hair suppliers located overseas. If the buyer is planning to place bulk orders of extensions, they may request for free shipping.

Cons of dealing with an oversea hair extensions supplier

There are many disadvantages of buying hair extensions from a foreign supplier.

First, you are not guaranteed that you will receive your order.

Payment is required before shipping takes place. What will you do if after completing your payment, the seller disappears? This is the most common problem, there are too many crooks and shady sellers on the internet.

Secondly, reputable hair extensions suppliers located in foreign countries will expect a minimum order from you. If they don’t, you can be assured that you will receive poor hair quality. Although each minimum order requirements will vary from one seller to another, you can expect to pay at least $10,000 CAD. Generally speaking, most sellers expect a minimum order requirement of 1,000 grams per hair extensions type, hair length, hair quality, and hair color.

In other words, if you were to buy 14 inches tape in hair extensions made of human hair in the color black, you will have to buy 1,000 grams minimum.

This translates in overstock.

Thirdly, you are limited in package design.

The seller will offer you a blank package; unless you buy 1,000 qty of packages with your own design.

The best solution is simply to buy from Canada Hair, a worldwide leader in hair extensions.


How should a hairstylist choose a hair extensions supplier?
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