Hair extensions for short hair: how to wear extensions with short hair

Hair extensions for short hair? Today, most of the people who have a shorter and thinner hair would prefer to add extra volume to their natural hair through hair extensions.

One of the major highlights of applying hair extensions for short hair is that the users can style their hair with wide varieties of colors and enhance the confidence level.

The users have plenty of options to choose from a range of extensions out of which clip-in-hair extensions could be one of the best choices.

hair extensions for short hair

Hair extensions for short hair

  1. One can seamlessly attach and detach the extensions for washing and drying as well. Clip-in-hair extension blends well with the natural human hair.
  2. Women with short hair who wish to wear hair extensions in a natural and discrete way are recommended to choose shorter extensions ranging from 14 inches to 18 inches in length.
  3. The users have to make sure that while selecting hair extensions for short hair, it should blend well with the natural hair with adequate thickness. Carefully examine the thickness of extensions with your natural hair. Canada Hair offers 2 thicknesses: standard and thick. Both will add impressive volume to your natural hair. Standard clip in hair extensions are more affordable, whereas thick clip in hair extensions give a more impressive result.
  4. It is mandatory to compare the color of the hair extensions with that of your natural hair. Select the color that most closely matches your natural color.
  5. You have to plan much in advance with respect to the type of extensions you require. A human hair extension is considered to be one of the best options wherein you can easily style, heat and dye as per your needs and requirements. Even though they are expensive, it will transform your overall appearance and look. On the other hand, you can settle with synthetic clip in hair extensions as well. This type of hair quality is considerably more affordable than human hair extensions, but you are limited in what you can do with the extensions. For instance, you cannot style, curl, or dye synthetic hair. If you never had extensions before, starting with synthetic hair is a great option.
  6. It is highly recommended to thoroughly rinse and condition your hair before attaching the extensions. Those people who have a sticky and oily hair should definitely follow this step.
  7. Tightly clip the top half of your natural hair rather than holding it with a hair tie.
  8. Section the hair with a comb and attach the extension in even rows working from the bottom of the head, around the sides working your way up to the top/parting.
  9. For additional grips, spraying hairspray is recommended.
  10. Individuals who would prefer to have permanent extensions may head straight to the hair salon after buying hair extensions. You may seek advice from the hair stylists and ask them the type of extension that is best suited for your head. There are wide varieties of hair extensions available in the market such as micro-linked, sewn-in, fused as well as tape-in hair extensions. Each extension has its own pros and cons.
  11. The total time taken to execute tape-in-hair extensions is about forty minutes. The average lifespan of tape-in-hair extensions is about four to eight weeks. Sew-in-hair extension method could be one of the best options for women who have a thicker hair. In this method, the hair technician will cornrow the natural hair and sew the extensions directly to the braid. The total lifespan of sew-in-hair extensions is about six to eight weeks. You also have fusion hair extensions, which are the preferred extensions by celebrities. If you wish to wear extensions permanently and avoid any glue & heat, micro-beads extensions are the solution.
    The user may trim the hair extensions if required. It is advisable to trim the tip of the extension to have a more polished look. If you feel that you are not comfortable, you may seek the help of a professional hairstylist.
  12. You can blend the hair extensions by either curling or straightening your natural hair. Keep in mind that using hot tools on hair extensions is only possible if you bought human hair extensions. If you have synthetic hair extensions, avoid using hot tools.
  13. A shine serum is extremely useful. It is an ideal option to add extra smoothness and brightness to the extensions. You may spray the solution all over the hair and style it according to your needs.
  14. If you have short hair and wish to wear extensions, be sure to have 3 inches to 5 inches hair length before proceeding in buying extensions.

We hope you enjoyed our article on wearing hair extensions for short hair. Keep in mind that you can wear hair extensions with short hair. The best hair extensions for short hair would be clip in extensions because you can install and remove the extensions yourself whenever you want. On the other hand, if you wish to wear permanent extensions for short hair, tape in extensions are the recommended solution.


Hair extensions for short hair: how to wear extensions with short hair
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