Pros And Cons Of Micro-Loop Hair Extensions

Micro-loop hair extensions, which are sometimes referred to as ‘Micro ring hair extensions’ or ‘Micro beads hair extensions’, are regarded as the ultimate solution to enhance the length of your hair.

Micro loop hair extensions made from pure remy hair can be used to style your hair while curly or straight. However, there are few advantages and disadvantages with respect to micro ring hair extensions.

Pros of micro-loop hair extensions

Cons of micro-loop hair extensions

Pros And Cons Of Micro-Loop Hair Extensions

Pros of micro-loop hair extensions

Micro-loop hair extensions are installed without glue

A micro ring hair extension is the best type of hair extension if you wish to avoid using any glue. There are absolutely no risks involved when you install these extensions.

Micro beads extensions come in hair strands. Each hair strand weighs approximately 1 gram. At the end of each strand, there is a loop. This loop is used so that the hair strand is attached to your own hair.

A micro-ring hair extension does not involve any sorts of heating thereby preventing heat rashes.

Micro-loop hair extensions are great if it’s your first time wearing extensions. This technique is applied to the natural hair without the presence of adhesives including glue, heat and chemical solutions.


Micro-loop hair extensions are easy to remove and adjust

The technique of removing a micro ring hair extension is quite simple and quick.

The rings are initially squeezed in order to open it. Later, the hair extension slides with the help of a plier, the extensions are removed without any complications or the use of chemical products.

Cons of micro-loop hair extensions

Micro-loop hair extensions are not recommended if you have short hair

If you have short hair or thin hair, micro-loop hair extensions are not recommended as the rings are clearly visible in those people who have a short hair and thin hair.

If you have short hair and wish to wear permanent hair extensions, we’d recommend tape in extensions.

Micro-loop hair extensions may fall or slip if installed incorrectly

Perhaps the most annoying feature of micro beads hair extensions is that they may fall or slip if the installation wasn’t done incorrectly. Please ensure you have the best technician when it comes to installing micro beads extensions.

If the hairdresser is certified in installing micro-loop hair extensions, that’s even better. If the hairdresser isn’t certified, please ensure that he or she possesses great knowledge in installing micro-loop hair extensions and comes heavilly recommended,

Look for online reviews about the hairdresser in question to be assured that the installation will go smoothly.


How to properly manage and care micro ring hair extensions?

  • It is highly recommended to wear a swim cap if you want to swim. The presence of chlorine in the water might damage the rings.
  • You need to brush your hair extensions on a regular basis. Gently hold your natural hair at start brushing from the tips, working your way up.
  • It is advisable to braid your hair before going to sleep in order to avoid tangles.

We hope you enjoyed our blog post about the pros and cons of micro-loop hair extensions.

If you would like to ask a question about the pros and cons of micro-loop hair extensions, please feel free to get in touch with us!


Pros And Cons Of Micro-Loop Hair Extensions
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