Misconceptions About Wigs | Discover The Common Misconceptions

Misconceptions about wigs… there are many!

Some people refrain from using wigs as they have plenty of misconceptions about it. Most often, these emotions are based on half-truths or negative comments about it by others. Once realization sets in that these misconceptions are not true, you are more likely to use wigs for various occasions.

Some of the common misconceptions about wigs prevalent are as given below

All of these are false! In fact, wigs have many advantages.

Misconceptions About Wigs

Wigs give an unnatural look

False! Very often, you may feel that wigs do not represent the real ‘You’. You are therefore repelled by its fake look. Today, majority of the wigs are created in a way that resembles a natural human hair. Lace front wig are the most realistic and has the ability to create an impression of natural hairline.

Wigs are a poor substitute for a natural hair

False! It is true that synthetic materials cannot replicate the natural hair. However, by using wigs made of good quality materials, its original ‘look’ can be restored.

Nothing can substitute natural human hair

False! There is no doubt that natural human hair is the best. However, modern synthetic wigs are a close substitute! Wigs are also available with human hair.


It can be uncomfortable and itchy

False! This is true for only wigs made of low quality material. However, modern wigs are made out of Monofilament material. It reduces itching and hotness connected with it. It provides adequate comfort without irritating the scalp. Superior quality wig which is created using fabrics offers cooling and long lasting comfort. Consider purchasing a wig cap if you have a sensitive scalp. It is very helpful in reducing wig irritations.

Vulnerable to damage

False! Well this is partially true because a little care is always needed to keep it looking its best. By properly taking care of the wig, you can prevent it from being damaged.

It can be cumbersome

False! This is not really true because most of the wigs are compact and convenient with thicknesses that you can choose from.

It lacks the movement of natural hair

False! In this case, too, this is more due to the use of cheap wigs, which comes in a fixed style and therefore lacks the spontaneous movement of real hair. By using superior quality wigs, it can be made to look natural.

It can be stuffy and hot

False! Choosing wigs, of course, would depend upon climatic conditions. But by buying luxury wigs with gauze-like materials, it can reduce the stuffy feeling when it is hot.

Limited variants and colors

False! This is certainly not true because nowadays there are wigs, which come in all shapes, length and colors. Apart from the usual black, blonde or brown, you can have wigs tailor-made to your color preference.

Since wigs are bulky, it is not very convenient to handle.

False! Nowadays, wigs are available in varying sizes and thickness.

Wigs are not durable

False! If they are properly handled, a wig can last many years.


Human hair wigs are more natural when compared to synthetic ones

False! Majority of the people chose synthetic wigs since frequent maintenance is not required. On the other hand, a natural human wig does require plenty of care as well as styling.

Wigs are not worth the money

False! Wigs are worth the money. It is indeed one of the best ways to enhance the confidence level by transforming your overall appearance and look.

Wearing wigs on a regular basis permanently damage the scalp

False! There are no correlations between wearing wigs and having permanent damage to the scalp.

Wigs have styling limitations

False! There are countless styles of wigs available in the market today.

Likely to fall-off

False! Unless you are into acrobatics, a good quality wig will remain securely on your head. Most wigs have clips, straps or silicon strips to keep it intact. Wig tapes and clips are some of best options to secure it in place.

Slows down natural hair growth

False! This is certainly not true because by using wigs, you are not in any way hindering the growth of natural hair. On the other hand, this would only help you in maintaining your self-esteem. It is commonly found among individuals who are undergoing cancer treatment. Most of the people, especially women, refrain from applying wig because it might hamper the hair growth. It is not true since wearing a wig is one of the best ways to prevent your scalp from direct exposure to sunlight.


Advantages of wigs

  • They are very helpful in adding extra length and volume to the natural human hair. A 100% Remy Human Hair could be one of the best options to enhance your self-esteem.
  • Wigs are best suited for the people who would like to take part in special occasions.
  • A human hair wig is smooth and shiny. On the other hand, the texture of synthetic wigs looks just like a human hair wig and is considerably more affordable.
  • If the user would prefer to blend their natural hair with the wig, they need to purchase superior quality wigs. It also prevents tangling and shedding of hair strands.
  • Wigs are very safe and secure. Plenty of customizing options are also available
  • Wearing wigs is one of the best ways to spruce up your lifestyle. It is best suited for major events like Halloween, costume parties, masquerade balls, hide hair issues, enhance one’s look, or simply for everyday’s life!
  • Top quality wigs safeguard your natural hair. Hair straightening, curling and regular washing are also possible with human hair wigs.
  • Thickness can also be maintained right from the top until the bottom.
  • A user can save considerable amount of time when opting for a wig.
  • One of the major highlights of wigs is that a user can alter the color, texture and length of the hairstyle if the wig is made of human hair. It is very easy to switch over from one style to desired ones.
  • Majority of the wigs available in the market are ready to wear. As a result, it is just a matter of few minutes by using a comb or manually brushes the natural hair.
  • They are very useful in protecting the natural human hair from extreme weather conditions.
  • Hair loss can be hidden safely and discreetly.



Ready to wear wigs are available in plenty in most of the beauty stores and even online at Canada Hair.

We hope you enjoyed our blog post about misconceptions about wigs. Did we miss any misconceptions let us know in the comments!

Misconceptions About Wigs | Discover The Common Misconceptions
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