Hair Quality: differences Between Synthetic Hair And Human Hair

Which hair quality should you buy when it comes to hairpieces: synthetic hair or human hair?

Most of the people might be wondering which one is best suited for them? Is it human hair or synthetic hair? Or both.

Both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages.

There are wide varieties of wigs and hair extensions which come in varying styles, sizes, colors and textures as well.

It is purely based on the user’s needs, requirements, budget and time.

One of the major differences between these two is that a synthetic hair is fibers manufactured in a way that mimics human hair. Whereas a human hair is made of real hair.

In short, human hair extensions or human hair wigs are 100% real human hair.

Whereas synthetic hair extensions and synthetic wigs are made of synthetic fibers to resemble the texture of human hair.

In this blog post, we will discuss the difference between synthetic hair and human hair.

hair quality

Hair quality

Human hair vs Synthetic Hair

A natural human hair wig or human hair extension is more costly when compared to the synthetic ones.

The longevity in the case of a human hair quality is higher whereas synthetic wigs last only for a shorter duration.

A natural human hair quality wig or human hair extension is developed by obtaining hair from a human being.

A synthetic hair quality is developed using artificial fibers with the help of state-of-the-art technologies. Their main objective is to create a natural and aesthetic appearance.

Human hair wigs are versatile and can be easily customized according the tastes and preference of the user. It’s the same thing with human hair extensions. It can be seamlessly styled and trimmed in order to blend well. If they are treated and handled properly, the lifespan of human hair can be extended to more than one year.

Synthetic hair wigs and synthetic hair extensions cannot be customized easily. You can’t color the hair nor can you style them with hot tools.

Common types of human hair

There are many different types of human hair, depending on their origin.

To make things simpler, we’ll discuss the 3 most popular type of human hair.

  • Chinese hair
  • Indian hair
  • European hair


Chinese hair

Chinese hair is extremely sensitive, finer, and thinner. Chinese hair is more resistant to curl; as a result it is a bit difficult to style.

Generally speaking, hair extensions and wigs made of Chinese hair are the cheapest ones in the market. You will commonly find them on popular marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, or Alibaba.

Indian hair

Indian hair is frequently regarded the best when it comes to hair quality. A term used to describe Indian hair is remy hair. This is why you will see some sellers advertise the hair quality of their extensions or wigs as Indian remy hair or Indian remy human hair.

They are an excellent quality of hair, but are not necessarily the best of the best.

European hair

European hair is the best hair. Period. This type of hair quality is the one that will be regarded as the pinnacle of hair quality.

However, European hair is costly due to limited supply in beauty stores and online stores.


In short, here’s a breakdown:

Chinese human hair: most affordable hair, but not really in good in terms of hair quality.

Indian human hair: commonly referred as indian remy hair. This hair quality is great and affordable, making them the most popular type of hair quality.

European hair: the best human hair in terms of quality. However, they are limited and expensive.

What type of human hair does Canada Hair offer?

Taking into account that our mission is to provide affordable quality hair extensions and wigs to Canadians, we settled with only 1 quality: indian human hair. Although Chinese hair is cheaper, the quality of the hair isn’t good. European hair is excellent quality, and absolutely better than indian human hair. However, the price tag is too high.

Pros and cons of human hair

  • Human hair is more versatile, you can seamlessly style, color and manage the hair, but make sure the application is executed only under the guidance of a professional stylist. It is usually required in circumstances where you need to change the color.
  • Adequate care and maintenance are required in order to extend the longevity of human hair wigs and human hair extensions. Human hair pieces transform the overall appearance and look of the user.
  • One of the major drawbacks with respect to human hair is that frequent maintenance is needed. It has to be thoroughly rinsed, conditioned and nourished at regular intervals.
  • Since such types of wigs and hair extensions are produced from 100% real human hair, they are usually more expensive than synthetic hair.
  • Human hair wigs and human hair extensions are sensitive to extreme weather conditions.
  • When human hair extensions or human hair quality wigs are kept under direct sunlight for a longer period of time, the color fades away.
  • They are fragile and vulnerable to breakage. Avoid using hair dryers when you wish to dry the extensions or wigs after washing them. Let them air-dry instead.
  • Human hair pieces are heavier when compared to the synthetic ones.
  • Considerable time and effort are required in order to style and manage human hair wigs and human hair extensions.

Pros and cons of synthetic hair

  • Synthetic wigs and synthetic hair extensions are very convenient and easy to manage. If the user wishes to regain its original style, thoroughly wash it and allow it dry. This is especially true with synthetic hair wigs, since they come in different hairstyles.
  • Synthetic hair is not sensitive to poor climatic conditions. They are capable of preserving its style.
  • You cannot style a wig or hair extensions made of synthetic hair with hot tools.
  • You cannot dye a synthetic hair wig or synthetic hair extensions.
  • There is no limitation of colors in the case of synthetic wigs and synthetic hair extensions. You have plenty of options to choose from a range of natural and fantasy colors. Indeed, some of the colors you will find in synthetic hair are hard and expensive to replicate on real human hair.
  • Synthetic hair pieces are regarded as one of the least expensive ones among other types of hair qualities.
  • Constant handling and maintenance is not required in the case of a synthetic wig or synthetic hair extensions. They are extremely useful especially for those who wish something simple!
  • Most of the superior quality synthetic hair offer an aesthetic appearance and look.
  • The average lifespan of synthetic wigs is about three to six months of constant usage, but can be longer depending on how often you wear them and how you take care of them.

What is heat-friendly synthetic hair?

You may have heard about a hair quality by the name of “heat-friendly” synthetic hair. This type of hair quality means that you can use hot tools on the hair. It is a special type of hair which can easily be styled with the help of heating tools.

Pros and cons of heat-friendly synthetic hair

Some of the major advantages and disadvantage of this type of synthetic hair quality are as follows;

  • Heat friendly synthetic hair can be easily styled according to the tastes of the user. They are extremely versatile.
  • It has a ‘Style retention’ which enables a person to regain its original style.
  • They do not react to harsh weather conditions including summer and winter season.
  • They are not glossy and smooth when compared to regular synthetic wigs and synthetic hair extensions but it gives a realistic appearance.
  • It is more cost-effective than the synthetic ones.
  • The texture might get damaged if the hot tool being used is too hot.
  • The total lifespan is low when compared to human and synthetic wigs.
  • You cannot dye heat-friendly wigs & hair extensions.
  • It is a bit complicated to style this type of synthetic hair quality wherein you might require additional styling skills.

Where to buy human hair and synthetic hair?

This all comes down to personal preferences and budget. Generally speaking, you should go with synthetic hair extensions or synthetic wigs if you never had one before. It is a safer option. This way, you can test out the product to see if this is something you like before committing to a higher budget hairpiece.

Synthetic wigs are usually more recommendable than human hair wigs regardless of your situation. This is because the colors and styles are more unique than human hair quality wigs. Indeed, the colors being used in synthetic wigs are breathtaking and wonderful. It is quite difficult to replicate these vivid colors on human hair wigs.

The affordability of synthetic wigs is also quite impressive. You can get long, beautiful, quality wigs for a very low price. This allows you to get multiple styles so that you can change your look from time to time.

On the other hand, we recommend human hair extensions instead of synthetic ones.

Synthetic hair extensions are usually great only for specific type of hair pieces. For instance, a ponytail extension, clip in bang, or clip in extensions, are great in synthetic hair. They are affordable and easy to install.

But if you wish to have tape in extensions, micro loop extensions, sew-in extensions, or fusion extensions, please stay away from synthetic hair!

Canada Hair offers only indian human hair for these specific hair extensions methods.

As for clip in hair extensions, Canada Hair offers 2 types of hair quality: synthetic and human hair clip in extensions.

You also need to keep a few things in mind when deciding between synthetic hair and human hair:

  • Budget
  • Usability
  • Hair loss
  • Weather


What is the estimated budget?

At first, you should estimate the total budget before selecting a hair quality. Synthetic wigs are budget friendly and useful for those who do not wear it on a daily basis. A superior quality synthetic wig gives a realistic look and persistent washing is not needed.

It could be one of the best ways to cut down the expenses on natural conditioners and shampoo and styling equipment.

On the other hand, a human wig is very costly but durability is guaranteed.

As for hair extensions, you have 2 different types of methods: temporary and permanent.

Temporary extensions are the ones that you can install and remove yourself such as clip in extensions, ponytail extension, and clip in bangs. This method of hair extensions is offered in synthetic hair and human hair. Pick the one you can afford, as simple as that.

Synthetic hair is inexpensive, but not as good quality as human hair, which is of course is more expensive.

As for permanent hair extensions, we only offer indian human hair.

This method of extension means that a certified hairdresser must install the extensions on you.

Is it necessary to wear a wig or hair extensions?

The decision is purely based on the condition of a person, if they are experiencing hair loss, they may consider this as an option.

If the you feel that there are signs of improvement in your hair growth, a synthetic wig could be their best picks since the average lifespan is about three to six months, but can be longer depending on how often you wear the wig and how well you take care of it.

If they are treated in the correct manner, the lifespan can be extended to more than six months.

You can also buy a wig or buy hair extensions simply to make a dramatic change!

Indeed, this is one of the most common reasons why people love hair extensions and wigs.

As of now, there is no miracle solution for hair growth or to prevent hair loss.

Many companies will falsely claim that they found a cure, but this is untrue.

Otherwise, hair extensions company and wigs company would go bankrupt in an instant!

The best solution for someone who is unsatisfied with their hair length is to wear hair extensions or a wig.

Are you suffering from serious health issues?

If you suffer from serious hair loss, hair extensions are not for you.

We recommend hair extensions only if you have a minimum hair length of 3 to 5 inches.

If this isn’t the case, wearing a wig is more appropriate in your situation.

Considerable amount of time and effort are not essential while handling synthetic wigs.

Even if the synthetic ones are washed and air dried, it regains its original shape.

On the other hand, a human wig should be either straightened or curled followed by rinsing and drying.

Deep conditioning, thorough washing, and frequent restyling are recommended in the case of human wigs.

Climatic conditions

It is advisable to wear a synthetic wig or synthetic hair extensions for those who are residing in hot, humid and wet weather conditions. They are not sensitive to such types of harsh climates.

If you are comfortable with a human hair wig or human hair extensions, then it is better to purchase one with a shorter length. However, continuous exposure to direct sunlight would lead to color fading.

If the user is wearing a wig for a short period of time, its lifespan can be extended from six months to one year.

Human hair or synthetic hair: which one is better?

Where to buy human hair? Where to buy synthetic hair? Look no further than here!

Canada Hair is an online hair extensions and wigs store that offers quality products at affordable prices.

In our early beginnings, we started as a distributor. In other words, we are the supplier of wigs store, hair extensions store, and many top hair salons. Most of our retail and hair salons customers are located in major cities. We regularly received emails from customers who loved our products and asking where they could buy our product in their cities.

It wasn’t rare that we had the unfortunate task of informing them that our products were not available in their cities since it was located far away from major cities.

Consequently, we decided to launch Canada Hair online shop.

You can buy wigs in Canada online, and you can buy hair extensions online in Canada easily and safely.

Let us know what you think of our website, we always love hearing from you!

If you have any questions, please keep in mind we are only an email away and always happy to help!


Hair Quality: differences Between Synthetic Hair And Human Hair
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