Essential Shopping Tips for Wig Buyers

People with hair loss issues usually turn to artificial hair pieces such as hair extensions and wigs.

In this case, one of the best sources to buy a wig is on Canada Hair for several good reasons.

  • Convenience
  • More stocks
  • Free Shipping on orders over $125
  • Affordable Price
  • Various Incentives for customers.

With the emergence of more eCommerce wig retailers since the late 1990s, it will now be wise for consumers to check the credentials, reputation, and reviews of these shops before making a final selection. Canada Hair is the best wig shop in Canada.

Before buying a wig from a different place than Canada Hair, ensure to take a look at the following shopping criteria so that you don’t have a negative experience.

Essential Shopping Tips for Wig Buyers

Credible and Experienced Seller

Look for an online retailer who is located in Canada. Some of these vendors pretend to be legitimate but are actually brokers or agents who get their products from manufacturers or wholesalers.

Some are drop shippers who do not maintain stocks but simply passes on the item to a buyer and earns commission from the sale. In other words, they have no control over the quality process.

Indeed, many online hair shops are located overseas and are riddled with negative reviews.

Buzzfeed did a great job exposing these shady eCommerce businesses.

Canada Hair is different; we operate from Canada and all orders ship from Canada.

Our business is registered with the Canadian authorities and therefore, you can buy a wig with peace of mind when placing your order on our website.

Customer Support

Search for a website or Internet outlet that provides professional customer service to customers who need to purchase wigs. These stores should maintain a staff of wig specialists who can provide relevant information; answer inquiries; handle complaints; offer colors and styles; and, give the right advice. This is precisely what Canada Hair does.

We offer customer support 24/7 and our staff is knowledgeable and experienced in hair extensions and wigs.


Legitimacy is Important

As much as possible, refrain from dealing with companies that are located outside of Canada. You will avoid lots of headaches in case you encounter an issue with the merchant.

Additionally, you may be charged duty fees if you buy from a merchant located outside of Canada.

Shipping delay is usually long and you may also experience great difficulties if you wish to return an item. Indeed, return fees may be astronomical if the seller is not located in Canada. At the same time, scrutinize the company’s policy on confidentiality. Conduct due diligence and ensure that your personal details are not given to unauthorized parties without your written consent.

Canada Hair is a legitimate company that’s been operating for many years in the hair extensions and wigs industry.

All orders ship quickly from Canada.

In other words, you will get your order quickly and you will not pay any duty fees. Your order is also traceable online 24/7. We have a hassle-free return policy. In short, if you are not satisfied, you can get a full refund on your order.

We will also pay all postage fees, so you literally have nothing to lose by choosing Canada Hair.

Pricing and Shipping

Never compromise quality for price! This is the mistake many people do.

They believe the products offered on eBay, Amazon, or Alibaba will somewhat be comparable to the ones offered by specialized stores like Canada Hair.

This is false.

Most of the retailers you will find in these popular marketplaces are not knowledgeable in their specific industry. They are also frequently located outside of North America.

For instance, you can easily find $20 “real human hair” extensions and wigs on eBay.

This is misleading and an outright lie! Yet, make sure the supplier does not overcharge you and sell hairpieces at twice the average market cost.

Consider shipping timelines as well. Legitimate sellers normally deliver items free of charge for a large order. Look for a legitimate source that sells top-notch durable and unused merchandise at competitive pricing.

Canada Hair offers quality wigs at affordable prices, and shipping is free on orders over $125.


Caution in Purchasing

Purchase your wigs only from authorized or licensed vendors. Avoid sites that sell inferior commodities, imitations, and products that look like the top of the line brands.

These unscrupulous individuals post an image of the hairpiece online but sell a substandard wig which you cannot return or demand for a refund.

Read the website’s pages like customer reviews, prices, and other important information.

Take a good look at the retailer’s range of merchandise. Does it carry an assortment of wigs as well as other items related to baldness? A one-stop shop can be a better alternative for consumers with different hair issues.

On the other hand, stores that specialize in certain goods can also serve as more practical option.

Let common sense and instinct serve as your guide in the purchasing process.

Essential Shopping Tips for Wig Buyers
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