How to Get Heatless Curls

If your hair is starting to show the signs of your hot styling tools, it maybe time to give your strands a break. Heat strips the hair of its moisture and strength, leaving it looking lack luster and dull. Hair extensions also suffer from heat, especially if they are human hair. Just like your natural hair, extensions can show damage over time that decreases their silky texture and sheen.

How to Get Heatless Curls

The signs of heat damaged hair are:

  • Excessive Breakage

Hair that is constantly falling or shedding is a sign of heat damage. Healthy hair will shed about 50 to 100 hairs per day. If you notice a lot of hair in your shower, on your brush, or just on your clothes throughout the day, your hair may be damaged.

  • Split Ends

Dryness and heat damage can cause split ends, and the only way to get rid of them is to cut them off. If you want to prevent future split ends, take a break from hot styling tools.

  • Unruly Hair

If your once soft, easily manageable hair is now showing more frizz and fly-aways, heat damage may be your culprit. Try giving your hair some TLC with a deep conditioning treatment and staying away from the heat for a bit.

  • Highly Porous Hair

The porosity of hair is its ability to absorb water. If hair is more porous, that means it’s soaking up the moisture you’re putting on your hair because it’s starving for hydration. Avoid dryness from hot tools and use a moisturizing treatment.

How to Get Curls without the Heat

If your hair is heat damaged, or simply looking lack luster, the good news is that you don’t have to go completely au natural and cut out all styling. You can achieve beautiful curls and waves without hot tools to keep the integrity of your hair in tact, while looking chic! Try these ideas for getting heatless curls.

 Donut Bun

Start by misting your dry hair with some water in a spray bottle and pull your hair up into a high ponytail. Take a large donut hair bun and pull it over your ponytail so all the hair falls over. Section the hair into two sections if your hair is thick, and wrap it around the donut. Secure the ends with a bobby pin over top your rolled hair to keep them from drying straight. Keep the donut in overnight, or at least until the hair is dry. Take out the bun and pull out the hair tie, and gently pull apart the curls with your fingers. Use a hairspray to secure the curls and voila!

 Bobby Pin, Pin Curls

To achieve classic pin curls without the heat or the uncomfortable conventional curling method, try simply using your fingers as a curling iron with bobby pins. Mist the hair and pull it into a high ponytail. Separate it into a few small to medium sized sections and wrap them around three fingers. Pull your fingers out and secure the hair, with the ends inside the curl, and two bobby pins on either side of the curl opening. Leave the curls in overnight, or until they are dry, and pull out the pins and the hair tie to reveal gorgeous pin curls.

 Headband Waves

If you want to replicate retro, 50s-style waves, try the headband method. Mist the hair and pull a large, stretchy headband over your head and hair. At one side of your head at your ear, section the hair into small to medium sections and wrap them up and around the headband. Once you’ve reached the center of your head at your nape, repeat with the other side. In the morning, or after the hair has dried for a few hours, remove the headband and spritz the hair with a medium hold hair spray.

 Twisted Hair Wrap

This method doesn’t get much simpler. Split your hair in half down the center of your head and mist each side. Twist each section and wrap it up and across the top of your head, securing the ends of the twist with a clip. Do the same with the other side and secure it with a clip. Finally, secure both sections on top in the middle of your head with a clip and allow it to dry. That’s it! You’ll be left with soft waves.

 Spiraled Buns

After misting your hair with a spray bottle, section your hair into at least four sections all over your head. Twist each of these sections using your fingers and spiral them up into tiny buns. Secure the buns with a bobby pin and either go to bed or let them dry. Once ready, take the buns down and shake out your hair and mist with a hair spray or texturizing sea salt spray.


Start with either damp hair or mist it with a spray bottle. Braid two or more sections of your hair and secure with a small hair tie. Go to sleep and once you wake up, remove the hair ties and shake out your head. Mermaid hair in a few easy steps!


Yep, that’s right. You can achieve heatless curls with socks! You may have heard of this method, or think it sounds totally silly, but socks can give your hair those gorgeous Victoria’s Secret waves. You’ll need about four socks, depending on the thickness of your hair. Starting with either dry or slightly dampened hair, take a medium sized section of hair and wrap the ends around the middle of a sock. Once secure, roll the sock all the way up and away from your face, rolling the hair with it. Tie the sock in a knot at the top of your head to keep it in place. Repeat with the rest of your hair. Head to bed once you’re all done, and untie and remove the socks in the morning, piecing apart the waves with your fingers.

The great thing about these techniques (besides being heatless) is that they can all work on natural hair extensions. Simply repeat these steps with your extensions after your natural hair, and you’ll end up with beautifully curled and waved hair that is healthy and happy, and less vulnerable to breakage and split ends.

At Canada Hair, we supply all the types of human hair extensions you need to achieve the long, voluminous hair you’re dreaming of. Keep it in good condition, along with your natural hair, with our products for dry and damaged hair.

How to Get Heatless Curls
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