My tape in hair extensions are falling & slipping… HELP!!!

Tape in hair extensions falling and slipping?

Here are the top reasons why your hair extensions are falling out:

Yes, it is embarrassing, but don’t worry! We are here to help.

In this blog post, you will learn the common reasons why tape in hair extensions fall or slip.

You will also learn how to fix this so that it doesn’t happen again.

Sometimes, tape in extensions will fall in one week. Other times, it may be as quick as a few hours or even minutes. In both instances, it is not normal.

Your tape in extensions should last at least 6 weeks and ideally up to 12 weeks.

tape in hair extensions falling

Improper tape in extensions installation

This is the number 1 reasons why tape in extensions are falling.

Too many people think that installing tape in extensions is easy.

You simply remove the tape and stick it on the hair… and then wish for the best.

This is a guaranteed method of having your extensions falling out in a matter of minutes or hours!

Embarrassment will ensue and you will be Googling for solutions.

If you have a friend who suggests her help in installing your tape in extensions, respectfully decline this offer.

Listen carefully: DON’T have your friend install tape in extensions for you.

Although your friend is probably one cool girl for suggesting her help, you should stick to a professional.

Unless your friend is a certified hair extensions specialist, you shouldn’t have these extensions installed by someone who isn’t knowledgeable in installing hair extensions.

Even if your friend is a hairdresser, this isn’t enough!

Tape in hair extensions need to be installed correctly.

The only people who can install tape in extensions correctly are:

  1. Hairdressers who are either certified in installing tape in extensions
  2. Hairdressers with solid experience in installing tape in extensions with lots of good reviews

There are many awesome hairdressers who know how to install tape in extensions the proper way, and they regularly buy from us because we have an exclusive discount for hairdressers.

However, there are also hairdressers that just watch YouTube videos to learn how to install tape in extensions and believe this is enough. It is not enough.

Be careful in choosing someone with great knowledge on how to install tape in extensions.

If you follow this step, you will avoid a huge headache.

Installing tape in extensions yourself

Don’t do it.

Don’t do it.


If you look at YouTube videos, you’ll see tons of girls suggesting you can install tape in extensions yourself.

This is fake news.

donald trump

Tape in extensions are not DIY. They need to be installed by a professional.

Improper hair extensions installation

Improper hair extensions installation is most likely why your extensions are falling out. In short, this is why you should have your extensions installed by a professional hairdresser who has strong knowledge in installing tape extensions and/or is certified.

Here are some tips so that your tape in extensions are not falling out:

Clarify your hair

Before the installation, wash your hair with clarifying shampoo. This will remove all excess oils from the hair. Don’t use a conditioner or any other product that can leave a residue on the hair.

Select extremely thin strand of hair

During the installation, ensure that each strand of hair is extremely thin. If you apply too much hair in-between the tape wefts, it will not stick well, and the extensions might fall.

Make a “sandwich”

Once the strand of your hair is selected, place a tape weft underneath it and a second tape weft above it. In short, like a “sandwich” with your hair in the middle. If you have thin hair and you are worried that the weight of the tape wefts will be too much, you can use the single-sided tape method. This is usually for those whose hair is so thin that it cannot handle the weight of two tape wefts. Keep in mind that this is only an alternative, and not a must for those with thin hair.

Have the tapes 1/4th of an inch away from the root

Don’t have the tapes installed too close to the root. This will not allow the tape to move and will cause friction between the root of your hair and your scalp. It can cause annoying irritation and sometimes can be very painful. Have the tapes installed about 1/4th of an inch away from the root.

Use hot straightener to apply pressure

Use a hot straightener to apply pressure on the tape wefts once installed. Once the efts are placed, you must apply pressure with a hair straightener for a few seconds. Ensure that the hair straightener is turned on. The heat will melt the glue firmly to your hair. This step is crucial in keeping the tape wefts firmly attached to your hair as long as possible. It is very important to not skip this step.

Best hair extensions for thin hair

Improper maintenance

Now that you have hired a professional certified hairdresser with strong knowledge in installing tape in extensions, you must also ensure that you take proper care of your new long & thick hair.

Tape in extensions require great maintenance so that it can last a long time.

Wait 72 hours before washing your hair.

Be careful and delicate when washing and styling your hair. Use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner when washing your hair.

Avoid same day chemical treatments. If you had your tape in extensions installed and then right away you are getting a chemical treatment or hair color, this will cause slippage of your tape in extensions.

Any chemical processing of your hair, whether you are dying them, keratin treatment, etc. should be done at least a week before installing tape in extensions.

Never use alcohol or oil-based products when you are wearing tape in extensions. It’s really simple: this will break the tape adhesives faster! So remember to avoid alcohol/oil-based hair care products.

For those with naturally oily hair, keep in mind that tape in extensions will have a shorter lifespan. Yes… it sucks. But you can always replace your tape extensions every 5 to 6 weeks.

Natural hair care products work best with tape extensions.

Use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. Otherwise, the sulfates will break down the tape over time. Avoid using any hair oils, spray, conditioners, etc. directly on the bonds.

Using the right hair care products while keeping all products off the tape bonds will ensure that your hair extensions will last for 2 to 3 months.

Poor hair quality

Lastly, you may have bought poor quality tape in extensions.

This normally occurs when you buy from an unreliable hair extension supplier.

You may experience issues with tape in extensions falling out although the installation was done correctly.

This is usually the case if you buy extensions from eBay or Amazon, a marketplace where there’s a huge pricing war. Consequently, suppliers decrease the quality of their extensions so that they can keep their profit margin.

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My tape in hair extensions are falling & slipping… HELP!!!
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This article was written by Olivia. After working as a celebrity hairdresser for several years, she joined as the editor-in-chief. In her free time, Olivia loves fitness, dancing and traveling.

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i bought from you guys 3 packs of bleach blonde tape in extensions, my sister installed them for me, and i never had any issues with slippage, the extensions are great 🙂


Thanks for letting people know that they must book an appointment with a hair extensions specialist who is CERTIFIED, just like me. Too many people visit random hair salons and expect their extensions to hold on… it won’t happen.


same thing for micro beads extensions, you need to have these extensions installed by a professional, i wish canada hair had a hair salon in toronto