What Are the Best Hairstyles with Hair Extensions?

What Are the Best Hairstyles with Hair Extensions?

If your hair goals include adding length and volume, then hair extensions are your newest best friend. There are many different types of hair extensions that offer temporary to permanent results, all of which offer flexibility for you and your hair. If you crave a little extra volume when you go out, or you prefer to wear them when you choose, you’ll love the ease of clip-in extensions. If you’re ready for something more permanent, that you can sleep and shower in, you’ll want to check out the tape-in, micro loop, weaves, and fusion extensions from Canada Hair.

If you need some help deciding which type of hair extension is for you, read our post explaining hair extensions in more depth.

If you’re ready to jump into how to wear hair extensions for everyday style and for special occasions, you’re no doubt excited to try out all the ways you can style your hair with extensions! We totally get you, and want to share a few of our favorite hairstyles for hair extensions.

best hairstyles with hair extensions


  1. Large, Wavy Curls

Large, wavy curls are a favorite style among celebrities. Large soft curls can make hair look thicker than it actually is and look elegant when worn completely down, or casual chic when worn as a ponytail. Human hair extensions can be treated with heat, just like your natural hair, so you can do all the curling and waving you wish!

  1. Pulled-Apart Braid

Braids are very trendy right now, but not the tight single braid or pigtail braids your camp counselor used to do for you. We’re talking pulled-apart braids that have been made softer and more feminine. With the added length and volume from your hair extensions, your hair won’t become three times thinner when you braid it and you can achieve those beautiful voluminous braids you see on Instagram. Try this season’s trending side braid, rope braid, or fishtail braid.

  1. Messy Bubble Ponytail

A bubble ponytail is when you create multiple ponytails off of one ponytail. Slightly pull apart the sections in between the elastic bands to create the “bubble” effect. Natural hair can look thin and sparse when made into this style, and doesn’t really create the ideal look. Hair extensions add thickness and length that will plump up your strands, even when pulled back into this multi-ponytail style.

  1. Half-Up Half-Down with Waves

The romantic half-up half-down will never go out of style. It can be casual enough to wear during the day at the office or running errands, and, with the help from lengthening extensions, can be a sophisticated style for a special occasion or date night. You can even choose hair extensions that are pre-curled to minimize the actual amount of styling you have to do.

  1. Top Knot

To any stylish girl, it’s no secret how trendy the top knot is. But for those with less than voluminous hair, or short to medium length hair, this style may seem impossible to achieve. Thanks to hair extensions, you can pull all of your natural and added hair into a single top knot up on your head, or a half-up top knot that’s thick and gorgeous. Even if you’re using clip-in extensions, you can style your hair in a way that hides where the extensions are placed. Just be sure to section your hair above the extensions if you’re doing a half-up top knot. If you want to bring all of your hair up, teasing sections of hair at the roots can help hide the extensions.

  1. Low, Side Bun

The side bun, or chignon, is an elegant style that easily transfers the convenience of having your hair pulled up and out of the way during the day to a sophisticated nighttime style. If you’re hair is lacking in thickness and length, leaving you with a bun that’s more of a tiny ball, you can use hair extensions to add fullness and length to create a larger bun. Princess Leia buns are even popular right now. Yep, that’s right. Double buns are making a comeback, especially when styled with pieces of hair framing the face or braids leading into the buns.

Want More Style Ideas?

It doesn’t matter if you want hair extensions for your everyday style, or just to add length and volume to a prom or wedding day look, extensions can give you the hair of your dreams—without chemicals, hours of daily styling, or even artificial hair. You can choose human hair extensions to create all of these hairstyles, and still enjoy the look of natural, authentic hair.

For more styling ideas, tips, and tricks, visit our Hairstyles and Beauty guide.

Bonus: Have you tried Holographic Hair Foam yet? It basically makes you look like a moon goddess and mermaid all in one. Hair foam glitter is just as it sounds, a foam that is scrunched or painted onto the hair and blends beautifully to offer a hint of shimmer and metallic sheen. It can add color and brightness without the use of bleach. Simply shampoo it out when you no longer want it. If you have human hair extensions, you can use this shimmer foam on your extensions and natural hair no problem. It won’t damage the extensions, and washes out easily.

What Are the Best Hairstyles with Hair Extensions?
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