How to get hair like Kim Kardashian?!

Whether you watch “Keeping up with the Kardashians” or not, you’ve probably heard of Kim Kardashian. She became famous in a very special way. Anyway, we won’t go into the details. We’re not TMZ, we’re a hair shop website 🙂 So naturally, the thing that caught our attention was Kim’s beautiful hair! It’s super thick from top to bottom.

Kim beautiful long hair.
Kim’s beautiful long hair.

In this article, we are going to tell you how to get the same hair than Kim Kardashian. There are a few things to take into consideration. Let’s begin.

#1) You need hair extensions (maybe)

Every girl has different hair, so maybe you won’t need hair extensions if you already have long and thick hair. But since Kim Kardashian regularly uses hair extensions, we’re going to recommend 18 inches hair extensions. In case you didn’t know, hair extensions come in different types. For this example, we’d suggest clip in hair extensions since you can do the installation yourself.

#2) You need to come to the dark side

Well, if you want to have the exact same hair than Kim, you need to come to the dark side. Dark side as in ‘hair color’ 🙂


Kim’s hair color (as of now) is Jet Black. If you don’t have black hair, that’s fine. Who cares 🙂 Kim used to be blonde and she might change her color once again. At the end of the day, what you really want is Kim Kardashian’s hair.

#3) Styling your hair (Keep it simple!)

So you received your hair extensions and installed them. Now is the time to style your hair so that it looks like Kim’s hair. Kim changes her hairstyle every week. Sometimes it’s super sleek straight hair, sometimes updo’s and sometimes loose waves. All those hairstyles are beautifully simple (and chic) and they are super easy to recreate. Simply grab your hair straightener and get styling. And keep it simple!


You can straighten your hair with little heat by following these steps: (1) Wash hair with straightening products, (2) use a hair mask, (3) use a wide tooth comb, (4) use a hair dryer on cool to dry, (5) dabble anti-frizz serum if it’s still a bit frizzy.

#4) Take good care of your hair extensions

Proper care will keep your hair extensions looking great! Treat your hair very gently. Nightly and before shampooing, carefully remove any tangles and gently brush through hair with a special looper brush with looped bristles designed to glide through hair extensions.

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How to get hair like Kim Kardashian?!
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