5 myths about clip in hair extensions

Hair extensions are gaining popularity in Canada, so there are many myths circulating and a great lack of information on the subject. Clip in hair extensions are the most popular hair extensions at this moment because you can install them yourself in a few minutes and you don’t need a hairdresser. In this article, we will discuss 5 myths about clip in hair extensions that are totally wrong.

clip in hair extensions

Myth # 1: Clip in hair extensions prevent hair from growing

This is totally false; it is as if we say that elastics or hair clips will stop hair growth. Clip in extensions doesn’t prevent your hair from growing back naturally.

Myth # 2: Clip in hair extensions damage hair

Wrong. The clips are made of metal like normal hair clips and therefore, will not damage your hair. The material used to make the clips is completely harmless to the hair. Clip in hair extensions are a safe method of getting long and full hair instantly.

Myth # 3: Clip in hair extensions hurt and are not comfortable

Canada Hair clip in hair extensions are comfortable and lightweight. Perhaps the person who started this myth bought cheap clip in hair extensions (the ones you will find on eBay, Amazon, Alibaba, etc.). Usually, hair extensions sold on these marketplaces are of cheap quality because there are many sellers with zero background on hair extensions. Their brand cannot be tarnished since they sell exclusively on popular marketplaces and can simply change their names over and over again. This is precisely why Chinese companies have a bad reputation when it comes to online shopping, which is unfortunate because there are many Chinese retailers offering quality products. If you wish to have quality clip in hair extensions that are comfortable, lightweight, discrete, and will not hurt, place your order today on CanadaHair.ca. Contrary to many other hair extensions shop, we are a Canadian company and all orders ship quickly from Canada. We’re so confident in the quality of our clip in extensions that we accept returns hassle-free for a full refund.

Myth # 4: You can’t wear clip in hair extensions on thin or fine hair

This is wrong too. You can wear clip in hair extensions even if you have thin or fine hair. Canada Hair offers 2 different thickness of clip in extensions: standard and thick. If you have really thin or fine hair, we recommend you pick thick hair extensions.

Myth # 5: You cannot style clip in hair extensions

Actually, it’s quite the opposite. You can easily style your clip in extensions without difficulties. Wearing clip in extensions have the advantage that you can now try different hairstyles because you have more hair to work with. If you buy our 100% real human hair extensions, you can even apply hot tools on them. In short, you can curl and straighten them.


We hope you enjoyed this article. If you have any questions, please keep in mind that we are only an email away 🙂

5 myths about clip in hair extensions
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